Symphony of Flavors

Discover the art of combining fine olive oil with specially designed meals.
25 €
Per Person


Explore the fusion of olive oil cultivation and Corfiot gastronomy through our comprehensive tasting experience. Discover the art of combining each fine olive oil with specially designed meals that showcase the quintessence of Corfu. Embark on a culinary odyssey for up to 8 people in our carefully designed space.


1. History – Tradition – Culture

  • Bread & Olive Oil:
    Olive oil and bread, are the symbols of basic real food! They’re an essential energy boost snack and the start of any Greek family meal.

  • Bitter Orange Salad:
    Good olive oil has the ability to unite flavours and enhance them. When it comes to tart fruits, yogurt and white cheeses, add olive oil generously!

  • Fava Bean Puree:
    Olive oil and legumes have been a great friend since ancient times. Mixing them together provides a great texture and a primally healthy food!

  • 2. Creativity – Discovery – Cheerfulness

  • Lemon ‘Fanouropita’ Cake:
    Inspired by Greece’s classic lemon-olive oil dressing, we’ve crafted a sweet, innovative twist that harmoniously blends tradition with culinary innovation. Discover the enchantment.

  • The Governor’s Ice Cream:
    Dive into a cool, healthful bliss where low temperatures preserve every nutrient. Even ice cream adores olive oil—try vanilla with early-harvest olive oil.

  • Chocolate Textures:
    Olive oil and chocolate: the pinnacle of versatility. Unleash creativity with just three simple techniques and key ingredients: chocolate, olive oil, and sea salt. Explore Namelaka cream, powder, and aerated rocks.
  • Included


    Fixed Tailor Made Menu
    Mineral or Sparkling Water


    Olive Oil Bottle
    Glass of Wine

    Where Are We?

    Discover retail bliss at our store, nestled in the heart of history at St. Spyridon Square, Corfu. Immerse yourself in the charm of Corfu Old Town, as our boutique awaits, accessible only by foot in this pedestrian paradise. Step into a world of curated treasures and unforgettable shopping experiences.
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