Experience the Rich Legacy
of The Governor Olive Oil

Experience the Rich Legacy of The Governor Olive Oil

Dive Deeper into Our Legacy and Discover More About Us

Unveiling the Essence

Discover the Wonders of Extra Virgin Olive Oil at The Olive House

Since the dawn of time and for centuries, the sacred Olive Tree has chosen Greece to bear its fruits and to offer its gifts to the world, growing alongside with History. It has created dozens of Greek varieties, each one with its own graces. Even by evolving, it kept its strong personality. People respectfully and knowledgeably, nu- trured the olive tree, to enjoy its precious juice. The extra virgin olive oil and scientists researched and re- vealed its greatness. But, no matter of how much it has been written, nothing can describe its importance to the health, the lon- gevity and the well-being of us and all of those we love, nor its powerful aromas and strong flavours or its unique versatility that magically enhances any food and material.

The Dafnis Family's Corfu Heritage

Delve into the rich history of the Dafnis Family, who have been producing olive oil on the enchanting island of Corfu for over 100 years. Learn about their meticulous care of the renowned "lianolia" variety, cultivated with utmost dedication and expertise.

From Tradition to Innovation

Experience the revolutionary approach of the youngest generation, Spyros & George Dafnis, as they embark on a journey to redefine the island's olive oil production practices. Witness their dedication to preserving tradition while embracing innovative methods, all reflected in the birth of The Governor, the first single variety olive oil from ancient "lianolia" of Corfu.

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Join Us for an Enchanting
Olive Oil Experience

Join Us for an Enchanting Olive Oil Experience

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