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Embark on an olive oil adventure with our exclusive High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil tastings at our prestigious place. Explore high premium olive oils, that combine history with quality. The Governor Olive Oil will lead you in a captivating journey of olive oil tasting, guided by our experts.

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The sacred olive tree has chosen Greece for centuries, offering its gifts to the world. It has created numerous Greek olive varieties, each with its own unique properties. People have cultivated and researched the olive tree, revealing the greatness of extra virgin olive oil. Its importance for health, longevity and well-being is indescribable, as are its powerful aromas and flavours. The Olive House, created by the award-winning team of “Governor”, aims to provide knowledge, highlighting the importance of high phenolic extra virgin olive oil, experiencing impressive combinations and enjoying the wonder of Greek nature.

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Years of relentless effort and dedicated research by Dafnis family have transformed their vision into a remarkable reality. The result is a harmonious blend of unparalleled experience and deep-rooted respect for tradition, infused with youthful passion, energy, and knowledge. This extraordinary combination gives rise to an exceptionally precious and rare high phenolic extra virgin olive oil, crafted with meticulous care at every step.

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Each bottle of our olive oil is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. Individually crafted with meticulous attention, our inaugural batch of limited edition, early-harvest fresh olive juice embodies the essence of excellence. From the moment the olives are handpicked to the careful extraction process, every step is executed with utmost care to ensure a truly exceptional product. The result is a rich and flavorful olive oil that encapsulates a wealth of concentrated goodness. With each drop, you can savor the harmonious blend of nature's finest offerings, elevating your culinary creations to new heights. Experience the exceptional quality and unmatched taste of our olive oil, a true testament to our dedication and passion for producing the finest olive juice imaginable.

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Join Us for an Enchanting Olive Oil Experience

Embark on an Exquisite Journey of Sensory Indulgence and Uncover the Enchanting Magic that Awaits at The Olive House. Reserve Your Spot Now.

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